IMG_0755The mission of Imprecious is to provide beautiful and meaningful jewelry with the basic building block of fingerprint charms captured and duplicated in fine silver.  Fine silver is .999 silver, containing no other alloys.*

Every person has a unique energetic presence which can positively influence those around us and particularly those we love. It is effortlessly delivered through touch.

The wearing and sharing of these physical and energetic imprints of those we love, is good for one another and good of the planet as a whole.

I do so by creating absolutely, one-of-a-kind, jewelry art pieces to wear forever and pass on, to always keep it interesting by providing custom pieces and thereby expanding the line with unique styles.

Imprecious takes responsibility for the “footprint” in the community. I’m committed to reducing, recycling and reusing wherever possible. The fine silver used in the process contains recycled silver.  You’ll be asked to return unused compound, the plastic cups and return your imprints in the same package they were sent to you in.

Imprecious was born in 2009 and solely operated by Robin Foley, until it’s sale in 2014, to Delia Marsellos-Traister. That’s me, the sole proprietor of Imprecious by Phoenix. I’ve been working in the gem and jewelry industry since 1994. I started working with fine silver in 2007. You can learn more about my other work at

  • You can request the work be created in bronze and for us to use stainless steel chain/wire.