One handcrafted, fingerprint charm jewelry necklace is $146. Is it worth it?


fingerprint charm, custome silver with gold fingerprint charm locket“When I first saw the Imprecious line, I knew I had to have an fingerprint of my husband. Delia worked with me to make my vision come to life, of a beautiful locket, with the fingerprint covered in 22k gold. I wear it all the time. I just love it!

Vikki D., California”


fingerprint charm, custom silver fingerprint charm necklacefingerprint charm, fingerprint charm jewelry, custom fingerprint charm bracelet“It took a while, during a family reunion, to gather all the fingerprint impressions I wanted, to have  a necklace made for my sister and a bracelet made for my mother. Delia gave me extra putty and a pen to mark everything. It all came out so beautiful. The “memorial” heart charms I requested, were beautiful too.”
Thank you!
Cathy J., CA.”

“When my father passed away, I was only able to get hard copy fingerprints from the funeral home. Delia was able to use those and create a charm for me of my dad’s fingerprint. I was so thrilled. I love it so much and wear it every day. When I miss him, I just hold it for a while and I feel much better.
Thank you SO MUCH!
Mille B., California

“I got our charm yesterday, and my daughter started preschool today. I gave her the necklace (it was my print), so she’d be less scared. I told her to hold onto it, when she felt nervous. She did great on this first day.
Thank you!
Kelly B., TN”

“Hey guys if you’re looking for a unique or sentimental gift for someone, check out fingerprint charm, silver charm jewelry, custom silver fingerprint charm jewelry@impreciousprints [IG} fingerprint jewelry. Delia is so easy and wonderful to work with, and makes the most beautiful jewelry ever. I had this necklace made of my parents fingerprints, and months later, when I asked her about the cute little heart charm I had seen on her posts, she just sent it to me. SO sweet! . . .
Lanette P., LA., CA.”


The Ohana
“Working with Robin and Imprecious was second to none. I am so impressed by her. And the process was so cool too – from beginning to end. After you choose what piece of jewelry you’d like (you can choose from earrings, different types of necklaces or bracelets) and place your order, the fun begins!”


“I received my necklace in the mail today and am so excited! It’s beautiful and I can even tell whose fingerprints are whose, which surprised me. I have it on already, but keep taking it off to look at it again. It’s perfect. I can’t wait to show it off to my girlfriends at out Girl’s Night out; ahh!

Thanks so much again!!!!
One Happy Mama, Sarah L.