Fingerprint Charms

Silver charm jewelry created from your fingerprints by Imprecious Beautiful silver charm jewelry created from your fingerprints by Imprecious find us on facebook & watch as our jewelry is made

Silver Charms

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Delicate, Hand Crafted, Silver Fingerprint Charm Earrings
Silver Fingerprint Charm EarringsSilver Fingerprint Charm JewelryEarrings with Two Fingerprint Charms
Shop for Fingerprint Charms at Imprecious
  Only have one special someone but love the idea of earrings rather than a single charm necklace? Just capture a fingerprint & thumbprint from each hand. Multiple charm earrings will be arranged in cascade fashion.
Hand Crafted Earrings
Number of Charms (each additional set $100)

Lever Back Earwires $10
(Basic Earwires included)

Total Earring cost:  

Fingerprint Charm Silver Earrings

"Imprecious is dedicated to bringing you the finest in silver fingerprint charm jewelry - necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We pride ourselves on designing unique, stylish and meaningful creations from the very personal impressions of your loved one's fingerprints. An instant heirloom gift idea for mom or grandmother, and a beautiful way to feel close to your loved ones all day long!"

Delia Marsellos,

Beautiful Fingerprint Charm Jewelry
Imprecious can customize charm bracelets to suit your needs - just ask!

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