****ANNOUNCEMENT**** 7/27/16

Do you have children heading to college? I do, and I know I will miss my daughter while she is away. I’m thrilled I have her fingerprint to wear, to keep her top of mind and close to my heart.

I thought of all the moms and dads out there who might be becoming “empty nesters”, so I have an idea – From today until August 29, order a two or more, charm necklace. I’ll send the kit with enough putty mix for you to capture the prints, -one of your college bound child and prints of mom or dad, -or both.

When I return your finished pieces, I’ll include at no additional charge, the extra chain(s) AND I am giving you a 10% OFF your total purchase**!  Because, well, those weird sized bed sheets, shower caddies, books, and meal cards are expensive. Just enter “COLLEGEBOUND” at checkout

I think it’s a beautiful gift for everyone. The college freshman gets charms of mom/dad and you have a charm of your child . . . it’s a fingerprint connection. I see college students grasping charms around their necks when things seem hairy . . .

*please order 3 charm if both parents; please order 4 charm if you need two of the soon to be freshman.

**10% off also applies on all orders through 8/29

From the precious fingerprint of your loved one, Imprecious provides fine silver, charm jewelry in a variety of configurations. It’s a simple process with a stunning result.
Fine silver is .999 silver and absent of any other alloy.
Imprecious is dedicated to bringing you the finest in fine silver fingerprint charm jewelry – necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We pride ourselves on designing unique, stylish and meaningful creations from the very personal impressions of your loved one’s fingerprints. An instant heirloom gift idea for everyone in the family, and a beautiful way to feel close to your loved ones all day long!